Chris Christie Says He Could Beat Trump in a Fight

Chris Christie Says He Could Beat Trump in a Fight

( – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) and former President Donald Trump were once friends. The friendship that spanned two decades ended on January 6, 2021. The two men are now opponents in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, and the ex-gov recently made a bold declaration.

On July 13, Christie sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan. The television host asked the Republican nominee who he thought would win if Christie and Trump “got in the octagon.” The 60-year-old former governor said, “Come on. [Trump] is 78 years old. I’d kick his [expletive].”

Morgan continued the line of questioning and asked Christie if he would be prepared to be the undercard. The New Jersey native responded by saying he would fight the 45th president “anywhere he wants in any arena he wants,” including the octagon and debate stage.

A few days after the Morgan interview, Christie appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union,” where he insulted his former friend again. He responded to a claim Trump made to a conservative crowd, telling them that he was indicted on federal charges for them.

Christie told host Jake Tapper that Trump was indicted in federal court for his “outrageous conduct.” Further, he said that none of the people the ex-POTUS claimed he was indicted for had “illegally retained classified national secrets” after repeatedly being asked “politely [and] quietly” to return them for 18 months. Christie criticized his ex-friend for dragging the trial out by asking for an extension until after the election, saying it should be done before people vote because they should know who they’re casting their ballots for.

Trump recently attacked Christie for his weight, posting a photo of him talking to a buffet. Christie dismissed the insult, telling Stephen A. Smith that he’s just one of millions of Americans who struggle with weight and thinks the former president is “a child.”

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