Christmas Tree Gets TOO Lit — Arsonist Arrested

Christmas Tree Gets TOO Lit --- Arsonist Arrested

( – Every year, a beautiful All-American Christmas Tree sits in Fox Square in New York City. The 2021 tree was 50 feet tall, decorated with more than 100,000 lights and 10,000 red, white, and blue glass bulbs. Sadly, the tree went up in flames earlier this week.

On Wednesday, December 8, witnesses saw a man climb up the tree and light pieces of paper on fire. The paper caused a massive blaze that damaged the main tree and smaller ones in the display. Fortunately, nobody suffered injuries in the incident. When New York Police Department officers arrived, they saw a man trying to flee the scene and apprehended him.

Police have identified the suspect as 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha, a homeless man who has a record that includes public intoxication and drug charges. Fox News didn’t allow the arsonist to ruin their Christmas, however. The news organization put up another tree the very next day and lit it on live TV.

Despite being charged with multiple felonies, including arson, the NYC courts released Tamanaha from jail without bail. He is free to walk around and light more trees on fire if he chooses. The Grinch is in NYC.

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