Chuck Todd Is Quitting “Meet the Press”

Chuck Todd Is Quitting

( – For more than a decade, Chuck Todd served as one of the most prominent hosts on MSNBC. The George Washington University graduate has hosted “Meet the Press” since 2014 and “The Daily Rundown” before that. Now, he’s leaving as host of the 75-year-old political show.

On Sunday, June 4, Todd announced he’s stepping down as host of “Meet the Press” after nine years. He said that he has had “an amazing nearly decade-long run” and that he’s “really proud” of what his team has built. The 51-year-old said that when he assumed the position as host of the long-running program, there were questions about whether it still had a place in “the modern media space.” He said he thinks they put that question to bed. He also told his viewers that he promised his family that he wasn’t going to let work consume him.

NBC News’ President-Editorial, Rebecca Blumenstein, and vice president of politics Carrie Budoff sent a memo to staffers announcing Todd’s departure as host of the show. They complimented him on his “thoughtful and passionate leadership” and said “Meet the Press” was able to maintain its decades-long position as one of the most “indispensable news program[s]” in the country.

Todd is not leaving NBC but will instead move over to a role as the network’s chief political analyst. He will focus on long-form journalism and work in the field during major news events.

Kristen Welker will take over as host of the news program in September. She has served as a fill-in for Todd many times during his time in the anchor chair and co-hosts the streaming show “Meet the Press NOW.” The 46-year-old is a longtime member of the NBC family. She will be the second woman and first black host of the show. She currently serves as the network’s chief White House correspondent.

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