CIA Allegedly Sent a Warning Message About Pipeline Attack

CIA Allegedly Sent a Warning Message About Pipeline Attack

( – There’s a persistent argument over who is attacking critical infrastructure in Eastern Europe. Ukraine blames Russia, and Russia blames Ukraine. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is left to speculate about which nation is causing the problems.

That’s what happened when explosions shut down the Nord Stream pipelines in September. Those pipelines carry oil from Russia to European nations, such as Germany. At the time of the explosions, Russian President Vladimir Putin was accused of using the infrastructure as a bargaining chip in the war. However, the embattled nation pointed directly at the US and Ukraine. Months later, there are new allegations that the US received a warning about the possibility of an attack before it happened — perpetrated by Ukraine.

Intel Leak

Among the documents that Jack Teixeira, an Air National Guard member, released earlier this year was a European intelligence report. Like the other documents, this report ended up on Discord and contained quite a bombshell.

According to The Washington Post, which has reviewed the report, prior to the Nord Stream attacks, one of the US’ European allies collected information claiming people within Ukraine were planning an underwater attack in the Baltic Sea. The report was based on a source within Ukraine who said the country’s highest-ranking military officer, Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, was in charge of the operation.

The European ally reportedly shared the information with the CIA. In turn, the spy agency sent the report to Germany and other European countries in June, several months before the attacks occurred.

Zaluzhny was reportedly put in charge of the attack in order to shield Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The less he knew, the better. After all, he is on the international stage, begging countries like Germany and the US for billions of dollars to fight back against the Russian invasion.

John Kirby, the White House National Security Council coordinator, was asked about the allegations earlier this month but refused to answer directly. He said Sweden, Germany, and Denmark are all investigating the Nord Stream attacks, so he wasn’t going to undermine the US allies.


The news about the possible Ukrainian plot comes amid another infrastructure disaster. On June 6, right around the time the news broke about the Nord Stream information, someone blew up the Kakhovka Dam in the Kherson province in Ukraine. The area around the river flooded, causing people to flee from their homes.

A former Ukrainian minister of ecology reportedly called it the “worst ecological disaster since Chernobyl.” Like the Nord Stream attack, both sides are pointing fingers at one another. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is left watching in horror.

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