CIA Director Issues Warning After Noose Found

CIA Director Issues Warning After Noose Found

CIA Emergency Warning Issued – They Found Something Disturbing!

( – The CIA has secret locations all over the world, including in the US. Recently, one of these facilities made the news after a shocking discovery. Now, the agency’s top official has issued a warning.

CIA Director William J. Burns issued a statement in mid-July warning employees that agents discovered a noose outside a Virginia facility it was using, separate from its headquarters in Langley. According to The New York Times, operatives found the symbol of racism outside the small, secret building. The director told his workforce that racism is not acceptable within the agency.

A spokeswoman for the CIA, Susan Miller, refused to expand on what Burns said but made it clear the agency has “zero tolerance for actions or symbols of hatred.” She said the agency’s values demand it is safe and inclusive.

Some of the people informed about the incident told the NYT it was unclear whether the rope was an actual noose. Further, there’s no evidence an employee placed the object outside the facility. It’s not even clear whether the person who put the rope outside the building knew the intelligence agency was using the premises. For now, everything is speculative.

Do you think the CIA is blowing the incident out of proportion?

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