City Leaders and Police Surrendering to Mobs?

City Leaders and Police Surrendering to Mobs?

( – As events continue to unfold around the country, it seems the details are getting crazier every day. Mobs devouring cities have looted, pillaged, and burned just about anything in their path to make their point. What more could they possibly want?

Apparently, one of their biggest demands is that local authorities visibly surrender to them in an attempt to mend relations. But is this really a smart move?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently kneeled before protesters in a show of faith and solidarity. But he didn’t really offer to do it of his own volition. An angry mob demanded his submission just minutes after CNN reported protests were “very calm.”

To Garcetti’s credit, Los Angeles has been the epicenter of the week’s most intense mob-related crimes. If he refused, the angry group might have immediately escalated violent activities in the area. You could argue that he did the best he could at the time.

A similar scene unfolded in Portland, Oregon. Armored law officials kneeled before protesters en masse. On the surface, it appeared respectful and uniting — but the implication of law enforcement surrendering to protesters only emboldens them and encourages crime.

Kneeling is a sign of surrender and concession. Should our police and leaders admit defeat to the very same people spitting in their faces to deny the law? These “shows of solidarity” are, at face value, little more than giving in to the demands of groups that will never stop asking for more.

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