Clarence Thomas Returns to Work Following Illness

Clarence Thomas Returns to Work Following Illness

( – Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas fell seriously ill in March. He spent a few days at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, and then several weeks at home healing. Fortunately, the justice is finally better.

On Monday, April 18, Thomas returned to the bench for oral arguments. The justice wasn’t completely absent while he was sick, he reviewed transcripts and audio of the arguments that took place while he was not physically present. He also joined his colleagues via video conference. Shortly after he got sick, the court went on a two-week recess which allowed him to continue his recovery for a bit longer.

While many Americans wished Thomas well, there were some voices on the Left that called on him to resign from the bench. They weren’t upset about his job performance, but instead grew angry about his wife’s participation in former President Donald Trump’s efforts post-election after text messages between her and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows were made public.

Liberals claimed Thomas had conflicts of interest because Virginia Thomas is a conservative activist. However, there’s no indication his wife’s work has influenced any of his decisions. The justice hasn’t indicated he plans to give the Left what they want by retiring.

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