Climate Change: An "Inconvenient" Hoax?

Climate Change an Inconvenient Hoax

Some people say there’s a 97 percent consensus that humans are responsible for climate change. That number has been touted like the Gospel truth. But there are numerous problems with that position. Most of the people included in the consensus are “climate scientists” that have a vested interest. Plenty of people don’t believe humans have much do with planet warming and others think it’s a hoax. Here are five reasons consensus doesn’t exist.

It Doesn’t Feel Warmer

Day-to-day human experience simply doesn’t align with global warming theories. Every winter it gets cold. Every spring, it warms up. For young people, temperatures haven’t changed at all. For middle-aged people and seniors, they can recall hotter and colder seasons. If you live in the Northeast, weather changes daily. That means your experience remains short-term. Compounding the experience issue is the fact that while some data shows regions getting warmer, it also points to others growing colder. It all just feels random.

Mad Money Motivation

Anytime something becomes “big business,” it loses the moral high ground. Money drives people into some dark places and members of the scientific community are no less human the rest of us. The climate change movement has been largely associated with liberal politics into which the Obama Administration injected an unprecedented amount of motivational money.
According to the U.S. Government Accounting Office, climate spending rose from $4.6 billion under President George W. Bush in 2003 to $8.8 billion under Obama in 2010. That number jumped to $11.6 billion in 2011 and added an additional $26.1 billion for climate programs under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. That’s a whopping $37.7 billion worth of motivation put in the pockets of climate change supporters.
Along those same economic lines, Obama set the EPA on a strong climate path that enacted more than 4,000 regulations and expanded its authority. The Small Business Administration reported that compliance cost American companies $1.75 trillion. That’s a staggering amount of money taken from the hands of businesses. On his way out, Obama unexpectedly sent $500 million to the U.N.-associated Green Climate Fund.
At the end of the day, the incredible amounts of money siphoned to the climate crowd creates such a bias it’s impossible for the average person take them seriously.

Shut “Climate Deniers” Up

Scientists once held sway with people because of their deep-rooted commitment to impartiality. But the politicization of climate research has detracted from objectivity and dissenting minds have been marginalized or silenced. Academic insiders called this the “Green Purge.” The wave ousted people from university positions and defunded research. American astrophysicist Murry Salby and Australia’s marine geologist Bob Carter, for example, came under fire for disagreeing with the climate change “consensus.” Salby was terminated for not keeping quiet and Carter “retired” and then had his adjunct privileges revoked.
Obama once fired a Department of Energy scientist for being too forthright about climate information with Congress. But nothing tops RI Senator Sheldon Whitehouse calling for possible federal RICO charges being brought against fossil fuel executives and scientists that reject climate change theories. If history class taught Americans anything, it’s that the good guys don’t try to shut people up.

Rigged Data

Just ahead of the U.N.’s 2015 Climate Change Conference, a strange thing happened. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) changed its global warming findings. NOAA collected data on oceanic temperatures from 1998 through 2012 and discovered little temperature change. That information flew in the face of all those icebergs crashing into the ocean due to warming. It would have had major ramifications at the U.N. conference. So, NOAA simply changed the numbers. They threw out the “best” data from ocean buoys and used information collected from ships, considered tainted, that were more favorable to the climate consensus. The maneuver was only discovered after the conference by Dr. John Bates, a 40-year meteorologist in charge of NOAA data collection. He is now considered a whistleblower. All the buoy data has been lost due to computer malfunctions. Go figure.

Folks Don’t Trust Politicians

Americans have been lied to by politicians all their lives. So, why believe Al Gore? A cursory look at Gore’s game-changing An Inconvenient Truth film says it all. First, he told us it was “global warming” and the earth was about to burn up. But, things got colder, so the term was changed to “climate change.” He told us in the movie that sea levels would rise 20 feet. Of course, he later bought a beachfront property. He told us polar bears would become extinct, but numbers are high and their major threat is actually poachers. The most prophetic statement was that the Arctic would completely melt by 2014. Perhaps an “inconvenient truth” for Mr. Gore is that it’s still there and experienced one of the largest ever freeze-overs in 2015.
When money and politics are involved in any issue, the truth becomes scarce. It’s difficult to believe in global warming, errr… “climate change.” But reducing air pollution makes sense. Maybe leave it at that.