Clinton Attacks Trump On Reopening Economy

Clinton Attacks Trump On Reopening Economy

( – President Trump and his administration are doing everything they can, making historical and unprecedented moves to stop the spread of COVID-19. They’re working on getting hospitals the medical resources they need and the American people and economy working again.

As if simply finding solutions to the situations a world pandemic creates wasn’t enough, they also have to face critics “armchair quarterbacking” every move he and the administration make. Worst of all? They do it without having all the information.

The President spoke during a virtual town hall with Fox News earlier this week saying he would like to lift restrictions by the Easter holiday, which falls on April 12. He also suggested in the interview that if the economy wasn’t reopened, it could cause a lot of suicides in the country.

That wasn’t enough to stop failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from criticizing the President on how he should be handling the economy and the pandemic.

She said instead of reopening the economy, the United States should go on a 2-month lockdown.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday the United States could become the next hub for the outbreak and that reopening the economy in a few weeks would be a bad idea.

One thing’s for sure — the President and his administration have a lot of hard decisions to make in keeping the economy and the American people alive. Only time will tell if he and his administration are making the right decisions for the country.

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