Clinton Insider’s Cause of Death Finally Revealed

Clinton Insider's Cause of Death Finally Revealed

( – At the beginning of March, 55-year-old Dana Hyde was on a private plane with her family when the plane jerked her around. She died the same day, on March 3, and reports first indicated it was turbulence that caused the accident. A new report states that is not true.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a preliminary report of the investigation into Hyde’s death. Officials with the agency revealed she did not die from turbulence jolting the plane. Instead, pilots noticed a number of warning lights on the day of the incident indicating system failures. They ran through a checklist that advised them to turn off the switch that controls a function that stabilizes the plane.

When the pilots turned off the switch, the plane swung upward, which created forces about four times greater than the pull of gravity. Right after it swung up, it took a nosedive, once again throwing the passengers around.

The pilots were able to regain control of the flight, but it was too late. A passenger told the pilots that Hyde suffered injuries. The flight was diverted, and she was transported to a hospital, where she died. Initial reports blamed turbulence, but the flight crew said they didn’t “experience any remarkable turbulence during the flight.”

The type of plane Hyde was on, a Bombardier Challenger 300, had issues in the past. In 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration warned pilots who were flying that model to conduct extra safety checks prior to taking off because of reports that the horizontal stabilizer caused planes to tilt down when they were climbing.

Hyde was involved in various government positions for decades before she died. She served in the administrations of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. She also worked on the 9/11 Commission after the terrorist attacks. She is survived by her husband and children.

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