Clinton May Take Another Crack At It

Clinton May Take Another Crack At It
Clinton May Take Another Crack At It

Good news for President Trump’s re-election: Hillary Clinton isn’t ruling out running in 2020. For some unknown reason, Hillary still thinks she has a chance at winning over the nation – even though all she seems to do is lose elections for the Left. We aren’t sure whether we should look at this as good news or bad news, given that her decision to run again just might seal the deal for the GOP.

Key Facts

  • Clinton hasn’t yet confirmed whether or not she will run. But sources close to her have allegedly confirmed she’s thinking about it – especially after Roger Stone’s indictment last week. That’s kind of rich when you consider the fact that many believe Hillary should be indicted on a long list of crimes herself.
  • CNN White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny also confirmed Clinton’s decision to keep her options open. He stated that at least three people close to Hillary told him she was “keeping her options open” due to the unfolding drama at the federal level. “It does not mean that there’s a campaign-in-waiting, or a plan in the works,” he also cautioned.
  • But here’s the thing: this isn’t even the first hint we’ve had that Clinton will gear up for another shot at the Presidency. Just last summer, Michael Goodwin’s New York Post opinion piece drew attention to the fact that she may be “up to something.” Goodwin outlined how Clinton had tracked Trump’s activities, emailing her supporters about his “horrific acts,” to drum up support. In at least one case, she sent a total of five emails in the same week.
  • What is it with Hillary Clinton and questionable emails, anyway? I guess we should be thankful these weren’t confidential and stored on a public email server, but it’s important not to overlook the incident nonetheless. At face value, it feels an awful lot like a bitter woman creating a grudge list in hopes of making a last-ditch come-back attempt.

Now, here’s the good news for those of you who see the Democratic party for what it really is. Whether it’s Hillary or some other Liberal running, there isn’t one choice on the current roster that stands a chance of breaking through Trump’s glass ceiling.

  • Kamala Harris – questionable character and opposed to our Second Amendment rights.
  • Joe Biden – should have given up after achieving Vice President. You can only ride your best friend’s coattails for so long before people grow bored of the “sitcom.”
  • Bernie Sanders – a malcontent who’s only strength is using identity politics against the American people. Not to mention the whole socialist/borderline Communist issue, too.
  • Beto O’Rourke – claims to be Democrat, yet sides with Trump and other Republicans nearly a third of the time. Doesn’t have nearly enough recognition to make it work.
  • Elizabeth Warren – lied about being Native American, and then backpedaled, to try and drum up support. Has some of the worst policy views out of all Left-leaning leaders.

As for the other 20-odd potential hopefuls? They aren’t even compelling enough to remember their names. So far, only the GOP is showing any promise. It’s looking like next year’s election will be another fantastic win for Trump unless something major changes.