Clinton Tickets Desperately Sold on Discount Site

Clinton Tickets Desperately Sold on Discount Site
Clinton Tickets Desperately Sold on Discount Site

Raise your hand if you’d like to go see the Clintons talk about themselves in front of a live audience. We’re guessing that next to none of you raised your hand at this point in the game (and even if you did, it was probably only so you could give them a piece of your mind). It’s no secret that their popularity (notoriety?) is quickly waning.
In fact, it appears things have become so bad for the Clintons, they can’t even attract enough people to sell tickets to on their current 13-stop tour. Maybe that’s part of the reason Bill and Hillary felt compelled to offer them for sale on discount site for a fraction of the original price.

Key Facts

• The Clinton’s tour has been plagued with empty seats and an almost total lack of media representation. At risk of sounding brash, it seems as if no one cares what they have to say.
• The sheer volume of the discount offered on Groupon says more than we ever could about how desperate they are. Marked down from $70 for “An Evening with the Clintons,” you can now purchase tickets for just $35 (still too much?).
• Some of the Clinton’s die-hard followers have claimed that the discounted seats were simply less desirable, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Several news outlets reported seeing empty seats in every zone at nearly every stop so far in the tour.
• In certain areas, attendees report even steeper discounts, with at least one ticket selling for just $6.55 for their Toronto, Ontario stop. Worse yet? That’s $6.55 Canadian, not USD – meaning it’s really worth about $4.88.
• Liberal versus GOP stronghold locations don’t really seem to be making much of a difference, either. Even in Inglewood, California, which is a traditionally left city, ticket sales are lackluster enough to prompt group discounting.
• Groupon sales don’t necessarily seem to be much better, either, leaving the Clintons to scramble to break even on this tour. To Bill and Hillary, we say try not to worry; there’s always the Dollar General!