Clinton’s Aide’s Final Words Revealed

Clinton's Aide's Final Words Revealed

( – There’s new confusion about the death of an ex-aide to former president Bill Clinton last year. Mark Middleton allegedly shot himself on a ranch near Little Rock, Arkansas, in May 2022 — but some were suspicious because no gun was found at the scene. Now local cops have changed their story and say a gun WAS found near his body. They’ve also revealed the last words he texted to his wife.

On May 7 of last year, Middleton, who served as a special adviser and assistant chief of staff to Clinton in the early 1990s, was found dead on the Heifer Ranch an hour west of Little Rock. When his body was discovered, he was sprawled across a bench with an electrical cord around his neck and tied to an overhanging tree. He also had a gunshot wound in the chest, which caused suspicion — and online conspiracy theories — because police didn’t report finding a gun at the scene.

Now, the Perry County Sheriff’s Office has released new papers which say there was a gun, a Stoeger 12-gauge shotgun. This was supposedly found 30 feet from Middleton’s body, and cops say it was likely thrown there by its own recoil after it was fired. They say there’s no evidence of a struggle or any sign anyone else was at the scene. Apparently, Middleton tied the electrical cord to the tree and then made a noose around his neck so that if the gunshot didn’t kill him, he would be hanged as he fell. In the event, cops say the lack of bleeding shows he was dead within seconds.

Police have also disclosed text messages Middleton sent to his wife Rhea just before he died. According to The Sun, the 59-year-old wrote that he’d “found a perfect place for a nap in the sun,” then said he was going to rest for a while. He told her she was “a great Mom and wife” before telling her, “Please be happy today and get some sun … I love you.” Then, according to police, he climbed onto the bench, fastened the noose around his neck, and fired his shotgun into his own chest. It’s less intriguing than the conspiracy theories but just as tragic.

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