Clinton’s Collusion Comes to Light

Clinton's Collusion Comes to Light
Clinton's Collusion Comes to Light

Two columns written by journalists Kimberley Strassel and Byron York recently are pointing Americans in what may be yet another strange incident in the Trump/Russia collusion case. Written in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post respectively, both columns flipped the switch, pointing fingers at the Clinton campaign instead of the Trump administration.
In her column, Strassel specifically calls the event a “switch-up,” suggesting that their decision to hire Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele was a blatant attempt to drum up opposition for Trump. York’s column takes the idea one step further, suggesting that the release of Steele’s dossier was timed to coincide with specific election events for the biggest press impact. The then-unverified “Russian dossier” was both sourced and released by Steele, a former British spy.

Key Clinton Facts

  • What is concerning for many experts isn’t the dossier itself, but the fact that shortly after its release, reporter Michael Isikoff misled the public about where the information came from. Rather than attributing the dossier to Steele, Isikoff wrote that it came from “well-placed Western intelligence source.” Steele is certainly not Western, even if he was working for the Clinton campaign and Fusion GPS at the time.
  • Although Hillary Clinton claims the dossier wasn’t released or available before the election, most evidence shows this claim to be false. The FBI and press first received the document in July of 2016, although its “unverified” status led many outlets to refuse to publish it. Isikoff’s column attributing the document to a well-placed source” significantly changed the tide, leading to a much wider distribution and support.
  • Carter Page, who is accused of meeting secretly with Russian officials in the dossier, has not only denied all accusations of collusion but is also suing Isikoff for the original column that led to to the investigation. Strassel writes at length about this in her column. “Mr. Page is suing Yahoo News over that Isikoff story, but he may have a better case against the Clinton campaign and the federal government if they jointly spun a smear document into an abusive investigation.”
  • Some experts are suggesting that the entire dossier may have been fabricated from day one. If this is true, it means that the Clinton campaign falsified information about a Trump associate to acquire a FISA wiretap warrant for a man they already knew was innocent of any wrongdoing. Clinton’s campaign team may also have positioned the document with the press specifically to appear legitimate, even if the currently verified evidence did not support the dossier.
  • If it turns out that some or all of the dossier was falsified, both Clinton’s campaign team and several major news outlets could be held responsible for printing or distributing false information. The dossier may also point to collusion between Clinton and Russia, turning the tide of the investigation for good.This Nazi Medical Experiment Went Very Wrong

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