Clintons Find Out No One Wants to See Them

Clintons Find Out No One Wants to See Them

Raise your hand if you’re sick of hearing about the Clintons.

Okay, that’s most of us, even if what we really wish is that Hillary would be held accountable for her actions. But setting that aside for the moment, haven’t they overstayed their welcome in the limelight?

Yet, it seems as if Hillary still takes every chance she can get to whine and cry about losing the election to Trump. And her and Bill? Both of them continue to charge cold, hard cash for the opportunity to hear them engage in that ranting live and in person.

It’s certainly not something we’d pay money for; frankly, we wouldn’t even go if it was free. But here’s what’s really funny: it seems no one else wants to pay them to speak, either, because their ticket sales have been dismal.


Key Points

  • The Clinton’s current tour, “An Evening With Bill and Hillary Clinton,” was first announced last November (in fact, you may remember us reporting on it if you’ve been following United Voice for a while).
  • At the time, many media outlets expressed incredulous shock at the price of tickets for stops at some of the country’s most mundane event sites. Tickets to the first event, which was held at a Las Vegas theatre, were priced at an utterly insane $2,000 – but allegedly sold poorly from day one.
  • Prices continued to decline as the Clintons worked their way across the country, as did their audience numbers. By the time the pair reached Seattle’s WaMu location, those $2000 VIP tickets had dropped by 54 percent, originally pricing out at just $829.
  • But even these renewed prices didn’t sell well. In fact, ticket sales had almost stalled until organizers further slashed prices to between $66.50 and $519 for basic seats and VIP access, respectively.
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  • We’re also hearing that the tickets have been listed on Groupon in several states, marking a desperate attempt by Hillary to push her narrative. Clinton’s “rant campaign” seems to be in a crisis, which is ironic given how often she’s trying to push the idea that America is in crisis because of Trump.

Maybe it’s time she finally admits she’s no longer relevant. After all, it seems as if her own audience is voting with their wallets. Hard to make sales when the product or service you’re selling is worthless in the first place.

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