Clinton's Impeachment Lawyer to Replace Ty Cobb

Clinton's Impeachment Lawyer to Replace Ty Cobb
Clinton's Impeachment Lawyer to Replace Ty Cobb

President Trump has hired a controversial lawyer, who worked on the Clinton impeachment case, to work in his administration. Prior Special Counsel Emmet T. Flood, who played an integral role in Clinton’s impeachment during his time in office, will replace Ty Cobb.

Key Facts

• Although the POTUS is quick to defend Cobb as capable, he has also clashed with the man several times in previous weeks. Trump stated he needed someone “more aggressive,” citing concerns about being railroaded by Congress over fake impeachment threats.
• Flood was originally responsible for defending Clinton during one of the most famous impeachment cases in history. His experience certainly gives him the edge needed to stand against these potential threats.
• Despite rumors that Cobb somehow displeased the POTUS, and was ousted because of it, his leaving seems to have more to do with his advancing age and seniority. Cobb isn’t moving on for other pastures; instead, he will retire after leaving his post.
• The White House affirmed this fact in a statement that also highlighted a positive relationship between Trump and Cobb. “Ty Cobb, a friend of the president, who has done a terrific job,” it said, “will be retiring at the end of the month.”
• Cobb himself reflected similar statements, expressing pride and fondness for both the role and the country’s current leader. “It has been an honor to serve the country in this capacity at the White House,” Mr. Cobb said in a telephone interview. “I wish everybody well moving forward.”