Clinton’s Recount Demand Trumped (Again)

Election in United States of America Voter holds envelope
Election in United States of America Voter holds envelope

It was just a month ago during the final presidential debate when Hillary Clinton stated that she was “appalled” by the fact that President-elect Donald Trump said he might not concede the election if he lost.
That is horrifying,” Clinton said. “That’s not the way our democracy works. We’ve been around 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.
So, the night after she lost the election, at the urging of President Barack Obama, Clinton put on her best “good sport” hat and did what she said was right—she phoned Trump and conceded the presidential election to him.
This weekend, however, it was reported that Clinton joined Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein in demanding a vote recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania over concerns about cyber attacks. It seems like something should be here to divide these two sections. Border, different font, image, something. MHO
Seriously? What happened to “that’s not the way our democracy works?” Why would Clinton renege on the concession for which she was such a vocal advocate?
Her attorney said that since a recount just happened to already be underway, Clinton thought she might want to be part of the process. Hmm. Maybe. Or maybe this is just Clinton’s own brand of unsportsmanlike conduct. Nah. More than likely, it’s just another attempt by the Democrats to delegitimize Trump as president.
Whatever the reason, experts agree that it’s not likely anything will come of all this commotion. Even some in the Clinton camp say that, unless the votes were tampered with in some way, it’s almost impossible to change the result. It will be an exercise in futility—a complete waste of the millions of dollars required to undergo a recount. It’s also likely to leave more bad taste in the mouths of many Americans, who just wanted to see Clinton do her best disappearing act after the election was over.
This whole situation has really gotten Trump stirred up. The president-elect, who’s clearly missed some of his Twitterers Anonymous meetings of late, was apparently allowed access to a smartphone over the weekend. He proceeded to let loose a string of Tweets, some ill-advised, including one claiming that he could have won the popular vote in Wisconsin if not for the “millions [who] voted illegally.” That would be great if he had proof. He doesn’t. The recount will begin with Wisconsin, where election officials will need to approve a timeline draft on Monday. If it’s approved, the Wisconsin recount will commence next week and end on Dec. 13.
Note that late on Monday, Michigan finally certified its electoral vote to confirm Trump’s win. He now has 306 electoral votes, officially. But, that won’t stop Stein and Clinton from requesting and paying for a recount in Michigan.
Although Trump won 120,000 more Florida votes than Clinton, consider that it was Jill Stein’s 64,000 vote count that kept Clinton from a closer vote gap in the battleground state of Florida.