CNN Attacks New Free-Speech Platform as “Threat to Democracy”

CNN Attacks New Free-Speech Platform as

( – CNN accidentally let its contempt for American voters show on Saturday, November 14, when an anchor declared that people moving from Facebook to less heavily censored social media platforms is a “threat to democracy.” It seems that when CNN talks about freedom of the press and free speech it only means our freedom to be spoon-fed the leftist party line.

CNN ran a segment on how the right is reacting to the presidential election. In the course of this, reporter Pamela Brown complained that conservatives are leaving sites like Facebook and switching to new platforms like Parler that allow free speech. Most of us would see a challenge to the dominance of a few big tech companies as healthy; according to Brown it’s a sign of a “bunker mentality” where people can be “fed a diet of lies.”

Brown also criticized the growth of new, mainly conservative news sites, reflecting the mainstream media’s fear of losing their grip on the information Americans have access to.

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