CNN Downplays National Poll

CNN Downplays National Poll

( – While the old saying, “numbers don’t lie” is certainly true, it doesn’t mean they can’t be interpreted to fit a political narrative. And that’s just what CNN did.

SSRS, an independent research company hired by CNN, conducted a study between May 7-10, 2020. Over 1,100 respondents were surveyed, answering many questions and offering opinions on President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The study found that in the 15 battleground states, Trump was leading polls 52% to 45% over Biden. CNN conveniently left this out of its broadcast on the study, stating Biden had a “national lead.” Curiously enough, there was no mention of the study results that tilted unfavorably to Biden. Rather, they spin things to make Trump look bad, despite his many successes and overwhelming support from the American people. Political Polls, a non-partisan polling group, tweeted the statistic with clarification on the 15 battleground states.

After CNN was criticized for eliminating crucial details and statistics, they tried to cover their bases by claiming Trump’s lead could be due to the small sample size or a “fluke of random sampling”. The bias certainly isn’t evident there, nothing to see here, folks.

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