CNN Hit With Yet Another Scandal

CNN Hit With Yet Another Scandal

( – A senior CNN producer has been fired over a workplace relationship. He was allegedly already under investigation when Jake Tapper intervened with new information. Although the network has been keeping it quiet, the story is now starting to leak out.

On February 15, reports emerged that Federico Quadrani, the executive producer for popular CNN host Jake Tapper, had been fired in early February for inappropriate behavior. Reports say the network’s human resources (HR) department was already investigating allegations Quadrani was involved in a relationship with a senior CNN producer. However, although there had been complaints, nobody had any proof. Then on February 8, Tapper became aware of “something that he couldn’t ignore.” He took it straight to HR, and two days later, Quadrani was fired. The other producer has also apparently left the network.

Quadrani and Tapper have worked together for a decade; the producer joined Tapper’s show in 2013, and quickly became a favorite at CNN. Now, the company is being very tight-lipped about him. Neither CNN nor Quadrani have replied to questions from journalists.

This isn’t the first time CNN has had problems with workplace hookups. Just over a year ago, its former CEO, Jeff Zucker, was forced to quit after admitting to a relationship with his executive vice president Allison Gollust. Zucker was replaced by ex-CBS executive Chris Licht, who immediately pledged to restore the network’s reputation and deal with its extreme liberal bias.

There’s also been a laundry list of other controversies. The relationship between Zucker and Gollust emerged while CNN was busy firing host Chris Cuomo for helping his brother, former New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D), fight sexual harassment allegations. CNN journalists have repeatedly criticized or insulted US cops and politicians — mostly Republicans — and praised criminals. Licht said he was going to clean up the network, but it looks like he still has some sweeping to do.

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