CNN Host Makes Shocking Claim About Joe Biden

CNN Host Makes Shocking Claim About Joe Biden

( – Former President Donald Trump was very transparent with the American people. The Left mocked him for using social media, but that is how he spoke to the country. His aides never stopped him from saying what he wanted to say. The same cannot be said for President Joe Biden, and not even CNN could deny it after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday, June 16, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny slammed the administration. The reporter said Biden’s aides regularly scream at him to stop answering questions from the press. He went on to say that in all of his years covering presidents, and he has covered the last four, he has “never seen a president…who was so protected by his aides” as far as not allowing him to answer press questions.

Zeleny’s comments came after Biden snapped at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins when she asked him questions about the summit between himself and Putin. The president later apologized to the reporter, but the damage was done.

Biden has often faced criticism for not speaking to the press enough. Some pundits have questioned why his team seems to want to keep him out of the limelight. He didn’t even hold a press conference until the end of May — two full months after taking office. The odd behavior by his aides has fueled rumors about his health, and that chatter will likely continue after the way the president handled reporters during his trip overseas.

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