CNN Pays the Ultimate Price for Viewer Opinion

CNN Pays the Ultimate Price for Viewer Opinion

CNN used to be considered a bastion of truth and honesty.
…Okay, we can’t even say that with a straight face.
Let’s be honest; they’ve always pushed a Leftist agenda. Those efforts really ramped up in 2016, when President Trump officially announced his campaign for the Presidency.
Over the course of the past year and a half, CNN’s journalistic ethics have all but eroded away. At no other time has that been quite as clear as within the last week, after Robert Mueller officially released the Mueller Report exonerating Trump.
CNN, of course, spent the week sniping at Fox news, suggesting people boycott them, and generally deriding the President. That’s what they’ve been doing ever since it became clear Trump wouldn’t be indicted (because he was innocent).
Now, CNN’s ratings are plummeting faster than ever, and Fox News is beating them at their own game.
Could this be the end for CNN?

Key Points

  • To gain an understanding of just how bad things are going for CNN, we turned to Nielsen Media Research (NMR). NMR’s statistics are considered the industry “gold standard;” everyone from TV execs to investors rely on them to predict success.
  • Last week’s numbers show a “massive crater” in CNN’s ratings. From April 8th to April 12th, just 690,000 people tuned in. Only around 180,000 of those people fell into their key demographic (age 25 to 54).
  • Why is this such a big deal? First of all, 690,000 viewers is absolutely terrible for a major news station — especially when they covered three presidential town halls. CNN was present for the meeting with New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, and Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro.
  • Evidently, none of those topics were compelling enough to push people to trust CNN. Instead, it appears those viewers tuned into other channels instead — namely, Fox News, MSNBC, the Home and Garden TV, USA Network and TBS Network.
  • Discovery Channel, Food Network, TLC and A&E Network all outplayed CNN. Admittedly, this isn’t that unusual; many don’t understand the importance of politics, and thus, ignore news broadcasts after writing them off as unimportant.
  • CNN has spent a significant portion of the last year suggesting people boycott Fox News. Yet the Home and Garden TV channel gets more eyes at one of the most critical moments before the upcoming 2020 election. Apparently their reporting is now so awful that they can’t even attract enough viewers to beat out most major online blogs.

In fact, CNN’s rankings over the past three months have been so awful that they even drew the President’s attention back in March. Check out this tweet:

The current situation with CNNs sinking rankings has  something important to teach us, and it’s a lesson the writers at United Voice take very seriously.
You can’t lie, bully, and push your viewers into believing in fake news. It’s wrong. It’s unethical. It’s disrespectful. But dishonesty is also a one-way ticket to alienating the very people who keep you alive, reading or watching your content, day after day.