CNN Staffer Admits Network’s Massive Plan Against Trump

CNN Staffer Admits Network's Massive Plan Against Trump

( – Conservatives have accused CNN of having a left-wing bias for quite some time. During former President Donald Trump’s administration, the network relentlessly covered every single perceived scandal and regularly bashed him. Now, a recent investigation allegedly proves the network had it out for Trump all along.

On April 13, Project Veritas published part one of an undercover sting on CNN. In the recordings, a man Project Veritas claims is a technical director at CNN, Charlie Chester, is heard saying that the network “got Trump out.” The man thought he was speaking to a date but who was actually an undercover reporter. During the conversation, Chester claimed he believes if it “wasn’t for CNN” Trump would still be president.

In the video, Chester goes on to say that the network created a story about the 45th president’s health in order to hurt him even though they “didn’t know anything about it.” He said the staff brought in experts and others to create the story.

In this video, it seems Chester is confirming what everyone thought all along: the network was out to get Trump and turn voters against him. That’s not exactly the work of a nonpartisan news source.

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