CNN Sues Donald Trump

CNN Sues Donald Trump
CNN Sues Donald Trump

Popular left-leaning news outlet, CNN, has filed a lawsuit against the President for suspending White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass. Acosta was removed in the middle of a contentious press conference just last week, after asking an exhaustive amount of questions and refusing to yield to other reporters. He also allegedly “put his hands on” a female staffer as she attempted to take back his microphone.

Key Facts

• It appears Acosta wasn’t banned on the evening of the original press conference. Instead, a Secret Service officer confiscated his press pass the next evening as he attempted to return for his evening session. A video recording from the encounter shows Acosta handing over his hard pass and thanking the officer for his service.
• Shortly afterward, CNN announced that they were suing the Trump administration via the D.C. District Court. A statement paired and released with the announcement demands the return of Acosta’s press pass and condemns the White House for wrongful revocation. It also accuses the Trump administration of violating Freedom of the Press and the Fifth Amendment.
• The news outlet’s statement also indicates that they are asking for “an immediate restraining order requiring the pass be returned to Jim.” They will seek “permanent relief” at the same time.
• White House representative, Sarah Sanders, followed up CNN’s announcement with an official statement from the White House on Tuesday, November 13. “We have been advised that CNN has filed a complaint challenging the suspension of Jim Acosta’s hard pass,” it reads. “This is just more grandstanding from CNN.”
• Sanders described Acosta’s behavior and why it was considered toxic enough to require press access revocation. “After Mr. Acosta asked the President two questions—each of which the President answered—he physically refused to surrender a White House microphone to an intern,” she wrote. “This was not the first time this reporter has inappropriately refused to yield to other reporters.”
• The statement concludes with labeling Acosta’s behavior as “neither appropriate nor professional,” accusing him of interfering with First Amendment rights for other reporters who were present at the conference. “If there is no check on this type of behavior it impedes the ability of the President, the White House staff, and members of the media to conduct business.”
• Later in the day, Sanders added that part of the reason Acosta had been removed was the fact that he “put his hands on” the aide as she attempted to take back his microphone. Video evidence taken at the event appears to reveal him pushing her arm away, but as you might expect, Democrats are alleging it is a doctored version of real events.