CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out White House Official for Claiming Gas Prices Are Caused by Putin

CNN's Jake Tapper Calls Out White House Official for Claiming Gas Prices Are Caused by Putin

CNN Star SILENCES Biden Official On Camera – He’s Had Enough Lies!

( – In American politics, it’s not unusual for partisans to blame their rivals for high gas prices. The country has seen a lot of that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as oil prices skyrocket on the global market. Lately, President Joe Biden’s administration has blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the problem. Yet, there was pushback from an unexpected source when an administration official tried to do that recently.

On May 23, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese appeared on “The Lead with Jake Tapper.” During his appearance, the CNN host noted gasoline costs an average of $4.60 (at that time), which has increased steadily. Tapper asked whether the American people should prepare themselves for these high prices all summer long.

Deese claimed the administration was doing everything possible to alleviate the pain at the pump, then he tried to blame Putin. He said the prices are high because of the Russian leader’s decision to invade Ukraine. Tapper cut him off, saying, “Not all of it.”

Watch the full interview below:

The White House official tried to claim prices only started to climb after the invasion, but that’s verifiably false. Gas prices started to rise in 2021 when Americans began driving more as the pandemic neared its end. Demand shot up, but OPEC didn’t raise the supply to meet it — even after Biden begged them to. America began to feel the pain other nations were feeling. Tapper pointed out that Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine did cause some of the increase but certainly not all of it.

Why does the administration keep repeating these lies?

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