College Cancels Drag Shows Over Disturbing Content

College Cancels Drag Shows Over Disturbing Content

CANCELLED – Event Shut Down After Disturbing Find

( – Drag shows have captured the attention of many Americans recently as schools and libraries host events with members of that community. Tennessee Tech was one of the educational institutions that hosted events for drag queens. However, the school canceled them as a result of upsetting content.

On Wednesday, September 7, Tennessee Tech University President Phil Oldham issued a statement prohibiting drag shows on campus. He said he was “disturbed and dismayed” after seeing a video of one of the events circulating on the internet. He explained he based his decision on his belief the activities in the recording didn’t represent the college. Furthermore, he said he doesn’t support “explicit activity where minors are present.”

Oldham’s remarks came in response to a video of one of the events first shared by Landon Starbuck, the wife of conservative congressional candidate Robby Starbuck. The video showed performers mocking Christians, and children were in the audience.

Oldham added the university was investigating the event that took place at the school and canceled any others. He made it clear no student organization should reserve space for programs that “include obscene, lewd or explicit activities.”

What do you think about minors attending drag shows?

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