Concert Stampede Causes Lots of Injuries, 2 Deaths

Concert Stampede Causes Lots of Injuries, 2 Deaths

( – Rapper GloRilla, born Gloria Woods, burst onto the scene in 2022 and immediately rose in popularity. The Memphis-born artist collaborated with Cardi B and reached the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100. Sadly, a tragedy recently unfolded at one of the Grammy-nominated rap star’s concerts.

On Sunday, March 5, GloRilla performed at a venue in Rochester, New York. The “Tomorrow 2” rapper left the stage sometime around 11 p.m., and that’s when all hell broke loose. A stampede broke out, killing two people and critically injuring another. According to The New York Times, rumors of gunfire caused the chaos. Rochester Police Chief David Smith spoke at a press conference on Monday and said there was no evidence of gunfire.

GloRilla posted a Twitter message just after midnight on March 6, saying she was praying for everyone.

Upon learning that people died, the rapper said she was “devastated [and] heartbroken.”

The Police Department released a statement saying there are reports of many causes of the stampede, including pepper spray and crowd size. A survivor told Insider that the attendees were standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the venue. Keiyasia Ponder, 21, said that when she was leaving the event, people “couldn’t move [their] arms or legs.” She said they weren’t even walking, they were just “shifting.”

The deceased victims were identified as 33-year-old Rhondesia Belton of Buffalo and 35-year-old Brandy Miller of Rochester. An unidentified 35-year-old woman from Syracuse was still in critical condition. A handful of others also suffered injuries.

Finesse2tymes, who also performed at the event, spoke to TMZ and expressed his condolences. The celebrity gossip site revealed both he and GloRilla had already left the venue when the stampede occurred.

The latest incident comes less than two years after the Astroworld Festival stampede that left 10 dead, including a child. Rapper Travis Scott is currently fighting multiple lawsuits related to the deadly concert.

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