Confirmed: FBI Asked to Cover Up Clinton Email on Benghazi

FBI Asked to Cover Up Clinton Email on Benghazi
FBI Asked to Cover Up Clinton Email on Benghazi

According to notes from the FBI, in 2015, a senior state department official contacted an FBI official to try to get the classification changed on one of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails on her private server. It was reported that the deal offered was “quid pro quo” (implying a favor for a favor) and would have allowed the FBI to deploy more agents to countries where they had previously been forbidden–in exchange for making some Benghazi-related emails virtually disappear. According to NBC news report, the FBI rejected the request to alter the email related to the 2012 attacks on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. The request points to one of the many legal and ethical violations attributed to Hillary when she was secretary of state.
Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump issued a statement Monday calling for the resignation of Patrick Kennedy, under secretary of state for management, for trying to make the illegal deal with the FBI.
“This is big stuff. This is Watergate,” Trump said of the revelation from the “302” FBI interview documents. “It’s a crime, and I hear the Republicans are going to hold hearings after the election,” he continued. “Why would you hold them after the election? We want to hold those hearings before the election.”
Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who alerted Fox News about this information, said it was a “flashing red light of potential criminality.”
And the “quid pro quo” is not just a way to describe the deal that the State Department was trying to cut with the FBI. According to FBI documents, these were the words, verbatim, that Kennedy used to describe the deal. This just seems like a no-brainer. The State Department needs to be held accountable for this effort to use illegal tactics to cover Clinton’s tracks. And we all know it’s not the first.
This revelation is another prime example of what a Clinton presidency would look like–corruption in every dark corner of her administration. But the weight of WikiLeaks being revealed almost daily now is starting to really squeeze the Clinton campaign. Not to mention that it’s seriously damaging the credibility of the FBI and State Department. When the WikiLeaks are all said and done, will we ever be able to look at the FBI again and not wonder if they are doing the jobs they were hired to do or are they just playing henchmen to the political party of the day?
Trump would do well to stay on point with this message. If he can begin to demonstrate how he is uniquely capable of razing the corrupt structures that have stood so long in Washington, he’ll start to hit America’s sweet spot. Because we’re ALL tired of that. Plus, if he stays focused on Clinton corruption, he’ll finally stop talking about all the sex stuff. And the whole country will be thankful for that. Trump says he wants to “end government corruption.” Keep it up, Donald. That’s what we want to hear.