Congressman Admits to College Degree Mistake

Congressman Admits to College Degree Mistake

( – New York Representative George Santos (R) is facing increasingly harsh criticism from all sides for a laundry list of alleged misrepresentations. Yet, amid investigations and calls for his resignation, another freshman GOP representative is admitting to mistakenly listing college degrees on his resumé.

According to NewsChannel5 in Nashville, Tennessee, Representative Andy Ogles (R-TN) represented himself as an economist, a nationally-recognized consultant in tax and healthcare policy, and a former law enforcement officer with experience breaking up international human trafficking rings. Yet, evidence for many of his assertions appears thin.

The media outlet found the congressman had only attended one economics class during his college career, based on transcripts Ogles presented with a job application, despite his claims during his campaign and even in congressional committees that he is an economist. Ogles locked his transcripts from Western Kentucky University (WKU), where he began his educational journey, and Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), where he obtained his degree. He told constituents and media outlets he wanted to protect himself from identity theft, and he encouraged others to protect themselves.

Still, a campaign website from 2002 showed Ogles listing foreign policy and the Constitution as his fields of study at WKU and MTSU with no mention of economics. The MTSU transcript showed the institution granted a Bachelor’s degree in general studies.

Ogles did work as the executive director, an administrative position, for the Laffer Center for one year beginning in 2018. Arthur Laffer is a well-known supply-side economist. However, he didn’t coauthor any papers during that time.

Ogles apologized for the misunderstanding regarding his degree and amended his Congressional bio after receiving a copy of his transcript. The lawmaker didn’t address any other points raised by the investigative report. Still, critics, including Randy Stamps, the former political director of the Tennessee Republican Party and legislator, told NewsChannel5 in Nashville, “He’s still deceiving, he’s still not forthcoming.” Stamps indicated that until Ogles is ready to sit down and hash out the inconsistencies, apologizing for any misrepresentations, “I don’t think he’s worthy of the office.”

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