Connecticut Dems Rush to Pass ‘Anti-Police’ Bill

Connecticut Dems Rush to Pass 'Anti-Police' Bill

( – Early Wednesday morning, the Connecticut Senate held a rushed special session where they passed a new police accountability bill. It now awaits a signature from Governor Lamont.

The bill passed the state House by a vote of 86-58 on Friday. It then moved on to the Senate after hours of overnight debates, where it passed 21-15, with all of the Republicans voting against it.

State Sen. Rob Sampson (R) called the measure an “anti-police bill.” He said it would destroy law enforcement as we know it.

If it’s signed into law, it’ll represent a breakthrough for the ACLU and Black Lives Matter (BLM), two organizations that have been trying to force police reform for years. This new Connecticut bill is packed with goodies deemed impossible in years past.

The new CT legislation creates a new “inspector general” office that’ll investigate all complaints against the police. It also requires dashboard and body cameras, and it restricts how the police can use physical force.

Arguably, the worst part of the bill is the section that deals with qualified immunity. Qualified immunity prevents officers from facing personal financial damages from lawsuits. Democrats are trying to do away with it.

Republicans argued that the bill would punish all cops, including the good ones. It also encourages frivolous lawsuits.

All in all, it’s a terrible bill. Democrats have proved once again that they are not on the side of the police.

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