Connecticut School Under Fire for Using Pizza to Teach Adult Content to 8th Graders

Connecticut School Under Fire for Using Pizza to Teach Adult Content to 8th Graders

( – There’s been a push by parents in recent years to force schools to allow them to be more involved in what their kids learn. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has taken those requests very seriously and made his state parent-friendly. Unfortunately, his educational methods have not reached every state and now leaders in one are under fire for a particularly disturbing lesson.

On Monday, February 7, Parents Defending Education exposed a horrific assignment given to 8th-grade students in a Connecticut school district. Students within the Enfield Public Schools were given a “Pizza and Consent” assignment where they were told pizza toppings could represent sexual likes and dislikes. They were supposed to create a creepy pizza with their preferred “toppings,” assigning different acts to different food items. For example, “Cheese = kissing.”

Parents were understandably outraged over the fact their kids were building pizzas of shame every pedophile in America would love to see. During a school board meeting, Superintendent Christopher Drezek said the assignment was a “mistake” and he knows some parents might not “want that answer.” He went on to say nobody feels worse about it than the educator who handed out the assignment – begging the question, so why did they hand out it out in the first place?

It’s arguable the instructor feels worse than the parents who are pretty unhappy about their 13 and 14 year old kids being a part of the twisted assignment.

There’s no word on whether the person responsible was disciplined.

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