Conservative Banned on Twitter Over Levine Fracas

Conservative Banned on Twitter Over Levine Fracas

( – Conservatives have complained about their treatment on social media platforms for years. They firmly believe they’re targeted unfairly. Twitter has been especially relentless, even banning former President Donald Trump while he was still in office. Republicans are once again speaking out after Twitter banned several voices on the Right.

The current saga began when the satirical site Babylon Bee called transgender Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine “Man of the Year” after USA Today named the biological male “Woman of the Year.” Twitter banned the account for allegedly hateful conduct even though the Bee was scientifically correct. Activist Charlie Kirk then pointed out that Levine spent 54 years of her life as a male before transitioning in 2011. Twitter then suspended his account, too. Conservatives pointed out that Kirk wasn’t wrong.

Babylon Bee’s Editor and Chief Kyle Mann called out Twitter for its hypocritical policies, joking that all the Bee has to do is commit mass genocide against the Uyghurs to be allowed on the platform.

Mann’s joke was in reference to the social media giant allowing members of the Chinese Communist Party to remain on the platform even as they put Uyghur minorities in concentration camps. The suspensions seem to demonstrate the company’s willingness to not just censor conservative views, but also the truth.

Do you believe Twitter is targeting Conservatives unfairly?

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