Conservative Group Commits $10 Million to Reform Election Laws

Conservative Group Commits $10 Million to Reform Election Laws

( – Congressional Democrats are doing everything they possibly can to decrease trust in America’s voting system. What other conclusion could one come to based on HR1 and its attempt to federalize elections? Even some media outlets in major liberal cities acknowledge the legislation is a major power grab by Democrats looking for a permanent majority. In addition to eroding trust in elections, the legislation would also reduce transparency and erode American’s rights to a fair election. Despite the threat to the election system coming out of Washington, one of America’s most prominent conservative groups is pushing back.

Heritage Action is a grassroots spinoff associated with the Heritage Foundation, the largest and most influential conservative think tank in the country. The conservative group is committing $10 million across swing states. They plan to organize issue advocacy campaigns and lobby state legislatures directly in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, and Wisconsin. Additionally, the campaign will appeal straight to voters through digital and television ads.

Change Is Needed

In HR 1, Democrats are trying to head off Republican legislatures from putting in safeguards that protect the integrity of elections. In fact, not only are they trying to cement controversial election policies from 2020, they are trying to loosen them up even more. On Sunday, March 7, President Joe Biden said polarizing HR1 legislation was needed to “let the people vote” as he pressured the Senate to pass the measure. He also announced a contentious new executive order titled “Executive Order on Promoting Access to Voting.”

GOP legislatures across the country are evaluating how to reform mail-in voting to make it more secure in the wake of speedy changes to the 2020 election by governors and unelected bureaucrats. Those changes led to concerns about ballot harvesting, unsecured ballots sent to wrong addresses, people who no longer live at a residence, outdated voter rolls, and other issues.

While HR 1 is unlikely to meet the 60 vote threshold in the Senate, it’s not stopping Democrats from doing what they can to undermine election integrity. The only people holding them back at this point are Republicans in the Senate and GOP attorneys general across the country who are pushing back in federal court against the liberal onslaught.

Election law reforms are clearly needed. Just not the ones from Liberal Democrats.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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