Conservative Silenced by Twitter for Speaking the Truth

Conservative Silenced by Twitter for Speaking the Truth

( – Twitter continued its crusade against conservative voices this week, unsurprisingly. This time the social media company targeted a black, conservative sports columnist after he criticized the founder of Black Lives Matter for doing something shady.

On Monday, Jason Whitlock said he wasn’t going to bow down to Twitter and remove a post critical of BLM leader Patrisse Cullors for buying a $1.4-million house in a wealthy, white suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles. The social media site removed the post saying it violated its rules. He also lost his posting privileges.

The company reversed its ruling on Tuesday and allowed him to post again. He quickly slammed them.

Whitlock said he believes the company is just looking for a reason to deplatform him. However, if the company thought he would just roll over, they’re wrong. He’s standing his ground and maybe it’s time for other Conservatives to do the same thing.

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