Conspiracy Theories That Are Probably True!

Conspiracy Theories That Are Probably True!
Conspiracy Theories That Are Probably True!

During the last half-century, people who question mainstream views and consider alternative facts have gone from being considered nut jobs and heretics to just quirky. That’s because many once considered outlandish conspiracy theories turned out to be true. That being said, there are numerous things that remain in question, and conspiracy theorists may have some of these things pegged. Be warned that you proceed at your own peril because Big Brother (NSA data collection) knows what you are reading.

Barack Obama Not Born in the USA

Democrats and Pres. Obama supporters have pejoratively dubbed those who challenge the former president’s origins “birthers.” His mother was American and father a Kenyan named Barack Hussein Obama Sr. The dispute about the former president’s citizenship arises out of a controversy that he was born abroad and his mother later traveled to Hawaii to gain an American birth certificate. The issue tends to be a tad murky about where and when he was born. His first name was reportedly changed from Barry to Barack at some point and his middle name from Mohammed to Hussein. Complicating matters, many note inconsistencies in his published birth certificates and claim it’s a forgery. It was commonplace for Americans who gave birth overseas to return home and get a U.S. birth certificate for citizenship purposes. It’s not at all far-fetched that the 44th president’s mother did so as well.

Chemtrails Combat Climate Change

Look up and take a gander at the lovely white trails left by some, but not all, planes. Many believe that governments are acting unilaterally to infuse the stratosphere with chemicals to help manage the effects of climate change. Some of the chemicals thought to be dousing the friendly skies include:

  • Sulphate/Sulphuric Acid/Sulphur Dioxide
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Alumina
  • Silica
  • Zinc Oxide

This process is the natural extension of weather modification research made operational. If you think radical Climate Change politicos such Al Gore, Pres. Obama and the like wouldn’t pull the trigger on this program in the name of the Climate Change Cult, think again.

Mind-Controlling Fluoridation

If you recall the Stanley Kubrick film “Dr. Strangelove,” then you understand that the government infusing the drinking water with fluoride is a long-held conspiracy. It sparks nuclear war in the satirical movie and sodium fluoride has been widely considered a neurotoxin that makes people passive and susceptible to suggestion. In fact, it was Adolf Hitler and the Nazis who first started using sodium fluoride in concentration camps and Jewish ghettos. It’s safe to say they weren’t concerned about dental hygiene. The U.S. government eventually got caught covertly dosing citizens with LSD to test its potential mind-control abilities during the 1950s. That’s about the same time fluoride was dumped into the water supply. Hmmm.

The Moon Landing Was Faked

Opinion polls suggest that about 20-25 percent of people asked around the world believe the U.S. moon landing was faked. Many argue that getting to the moon was never particularly difficult, but getting a human being there posed a logistical hurdle 1960s technology could not overcome. With tremendous pressure to beat the Russians, the U.S. government simply staged a photo shoot and paid legit astronauts in the interest of American pride. The idea tends to hold water logically in terms of exploration.
Any group that ventures beyond its borders takes a short trip, then a longer, then takes a shot all the way across. The process allows people to gather data and real-life experience. Take, for instance, Columbus. Many voyages went down the coast to India and large amounts of mapping had been done before he took a shot. Of course, he was wrong and discovered North America (sort of) by accident.
U.S. space exploration did little to no short voyages and data gathering. NASA set its sights on the moon and had at it. NASA suffered a series of epic fails that included the Vanguard satellite explosion in 1957 and the Apollo 6 rocket flame-outs in 1968 among others. All told, about 160 space flight launches have failed. Let’s face it, Americans aren’t awesome at space.
In frustration, the faked filmmaking demonstrates several “oddities.” These include an American flag swaying in the breeze. (There’s no wind in space.) Image quality supposedly transmitted from space is unusually high. There are no stars in the sky. All should be visible from the moon surface. The shadows don’t match up to direction of the sunlight. This is a common image manipulation error.
Numerous articles and books have been written that point to the moon landing being faked. Let’s face it, the government that drugs citizens, mines all your messages and won’t release JFK assignation report until all the actors have died is not above a moon landing photo shoot.