Convention Canceled

Convention Cancelled

( – COVID-19 strikes again. The spike in cases and deaths has led to President Donald Trump canceling the Republican National Convention, which was scheduled to begin on August 24, 2020.

The recent news out of Florida regarding private testing firms allegedly overinflating numbers regarding positive tests for the virus has caused some to sardonically muse that the president may have single-handedly put a stop to the rising numbers.

While some of the smaller events will take place as originally planned in North Carolina, larger events, like the floor vote and the acceptance speech, will be in a virtual setting online. This mirrors the Democrats’ steps for the DNC that was going to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

These cancellations are just the latest challenges that have made 2020 one of the oddest years in living memory. Former President John F. Kennedy once said in a speech that there was a Chinese proverb: “may he live in interesting times,” claiming it was meant as a curse and not a blessing.

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