Convicted Cop Killer Gets Paroled From Prison at Age 85

Convicted Cop Killer Gets Paroled From Prison at Age 85

Cop-Killer Freed – They’re Letting Him Go!

( – In 1973, Black Liberation Army member Sundiata Acoli (formerly Clark Edward Squire) and two others struggled with two New Jersey State troopers during a traffic stop. During the struggle, one of the suspects disarmed 34-year-old Trooper Werner Foerster and shot him to death. Almost 50 years later, the state of New Jersey is setting one of the killers free.

The NJ Supreme Court ruled 3-2 to overrule the Parole Board and grant Acoli freedom. The board repeatedly denied the convicted killer parole over the years, but the court ruled he’s unlikely to commit another crime. The 85-year-old has dementia and plans to live with his daughter and grandchildren in Brooklyn, NY.

Governor Phil Murphy (D) criticized the state court for its decision to free the cop killer. He said he wishes the current NJ law requiring people who kill officers to receive life in prison had been in place in 1974. The governor said anyone who murders a police officer “should remain behind bars until the end of their life.”

James Costan, one of the other suspects in the murder, died from injuries sustained in the shootout the night Trooper Foerster died. However, the third suspect, Assata Shakur (formerly Joanne D. Chesimard), escaped prison and fled to Cuba, where she remains.

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