Conway Subpoena? Democrats Defend Abortion While US Launches Cyber Attack

House Oversight Committee Has Their Eyes Set on Kellyanne Conway

In a show of how much they love to waste time, the House Oversight Committee will be holding a vote on whether or not to subpoena Kellyanne Conway over allegations. They accuse her of violating the Hatch Act, which prevents some employees in the executive branch from engaging in certain forms of political activity. These activities include intimidating or influencing voters by any means.

The report claims that Conway violated the act “by disparaging Democratic presidential candidates.” Since word of this report came out, the Left has been calling for her to be punished and fired. It’s funny how they seem to care so much about the Hatch Act now that Trump is president. When Julian Castro, the housing and urban development secretary during the Obama years, violated the act, no punishment was called for.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Love Talking About Abortion

Planned Parenthood held a forum over the weekend that was attended by twenty Democratic presidential candidates who swore to defend abortion rights.

The Left claims that President Trump wants a war on women. Meanwhile, Democrats attacked Trump and Republican politicians from many states. Who’s starting the war now?

The Democrats’ anger was clear, but their stupidity is what really shined through during the forum. It’s obvious that they either don’t care or don’t understand that being anti-abortion isn’t about a war on women. It’s a fight over the sanctity of life.

US Launches Cyber Attack on Iran

According to unidentified sources, America launched a strike against Iranian military computer systems. Apparently, this attack happened on Thursday, just as President Trump decided to call off a physical attack on the country because the possible loss of life was too great in his opinion.

These sources claim that the attacks disabled computer systems that allow Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to control their missile and rocket launchers. The plan for this cyber attack has been in development over the past few weeks as tensions between the US and Iran continue to rise. Iran has shrugged off the attack as “ineffective.”

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