Cornel West Attacks the Left, Claims Dems Are ‘Beyond Redemption’

Cornel West Attacks the Left, Claims Dems Are 'Beyond Redemption'

( – Ivy League professor Cornel West has made a name for himself as a social justice warrior. He’s currently running for president under the Green Party’s umbrella. Recently, he tore into the Democratic Party.

On August 29, West appeared on The Hill’s “Rising,” where he discussed Democrats. During the interview, he was asked to respond to remarks by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), whom West supported for president both times the lawmaker ran. Sanders recently defended his support of President Joe Biden’s reelection, saying it was important to save democracy and stop former President Donald Trump from being elected again.

West, who voted for Biden in 2020, said he thinks Sanders is making a “plausible argument,” but at the end of the day, he believes the senator knows the Democratic Party isn’t going to help poor and working people. He went on to say Sanders and progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are “window dressing” at worst or “people to appeal to every four years” at best.

The Green Party candidate continued, saying the “Democratic Party is “beyond redemption” because he doesn’t think they do anything to help poor people. West’s remarks push back on Biden’s campaign platform that he is going to expand the middle class and work to build the economy in a way that helps the poor get a leg up. The Democratic president is desperately trying to convince people that “Bidenomics” are making their lives better. Meanwhile, the working poor are struggling to put gas in their vehicles, purchase groceries, and home ownership feels out of reach to them.

West’s candidacy is largely seen as a long shot for the White House. Third Party candidates just don’t have the same resources to get elected to the presidency at this point. Many have tried, and none have succeeded. However, he could siphon enough votes away from Biden in critical states to help the Republican candidate, who currently appears will be Trump.

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