Coronavirus: Human Trials Set for Possible Vaccine

Coronavirus: Human Trials Set for Possible Vaccine

( – The coronavirus has not slowed its spread. More than 160 people in the US are infected, and 11 have died as of March 5, 2020. Officials are trying hard to slow it down, but without much success thus far. However, there’s a glimmer of hope in the news that a pharmaceutical company will be ready to test a vaccine on humans.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals said it’s making progress on its vaccine. The medicine will use DNA to squeeze a protein from the cells of patients with the virus, triggering the immune system to recognize the virus, develop the necessary antibodies and attack.

The company says the vaccine is currently in pre-clinical testing, but Inovio is working on finalizing the clinical trial design. Originally, the biotech business planned to test it in the summer, but the urgency of the situation has them moving the date up. They’ll develop 3,000 doses for the trial phase next month, then hopefully deliver 1 million doses by the end of the year.

The testing will start with 30 healthy volunteers in the US and then possibly expand the trial to South Korea and China.

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