Coronavirus: Infecting People, Businesses, and Government

Coronavirus: Infecting People, Businesses, and Government

( – By now, everyone as heard about novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its spread around the globe. Every day, several stories break about new cases and deaths. However, this bug is doing more than making just people sick.

Coronavirus fears have also rattled investors as evidenced by reactions in the stock markets in the States on Wall Street and around the world like Japan’s Nikkei and the United Kingdom’s FTSE. It’s probably not surprising since China exports several trillions of dollars worth of goods to consumers around the world. A serious roadblock there could be economically disastrous.

AOC (a.k.a. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez) (D-NY) felt it necessary to add her two-cents in when it came to the topic of the Trump administration’s response, specifically putting VP Mike Pence in charge.

AOC bemoaned the fact that Pence is neither a doctor nor a health professional blithely ignoring one salient point. There are countless doctors and research facilities working on ways to stop the spread of the virus and find a cure. What America needs is a person with the ability to marshall the resources needed to carry out the strategy the experts develop. That’s exactly what Mike Pence can do.

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