Coronavirus Re-Classified?

Coronavirus Re-Classified?

( – Many Americans are feeling uneasy with the coronavirus spreading across the US. Schools and at least one fire station have shut down amid reports of staff members being infected or facilities being contaminated. Some cities are encouraging people to stay inside as much as possible and are even canceling public events.

Vice President Mike Pence and his task force addressed the state of the virus and efforts to combat it on Tuesday.

While an $8.3 billion funding bill was passed and signed by President Trump, not everyone believes that is enough. Even Trump is rumored to be considering additional funding lately.

Specifically, there is a possibility that the coronavirus could be re-classified as a “national disaster.” Under the Stafford Act, this could provide up to $40 billion in additional and immediate aid to the coronavirus cause.

However, that speculation didn’t pan out.

Instead, Trump announced new actions to be taken against the coronavirus and re-classifying the virus wasn’t part of the speech.

These new actions include a 30-day travel/cargo ban from Europe (the United Kingdom is exempt), financial assistance to workers affected by the virus, and providing low-interest business loans for small businesses that the virus impacts.

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