Corporate Giants Demand a Refund of Campaign Contributions

Corporate Giants Demand a Refund of Campaign Contributions
Corporate Giants Demand a Refund of Campaign Contributions

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is struggling to maintain corporate support after she made off-handed comments corporations perceived as offensive. The Mississippi GOP joked about attending a public hanging when taking photos with a supporter at a recent meet and greet.
• The senator was trying to explain her dedication to the rancher, but admittedly, the comment probably could have been worded better. As it usually happens, the Left immediately grabbed onto the misspoken phrase and ran with it.
• In a normal, sane world, the fix would be easy: ask her to apologize. But we now live in times where everything is offensive. According to the Left, if you so much as make an off-handed comment, you should be completely ostracized and fired at the same time.
• But the news gets worse; it isn’t even the Left who are refusing to support her. Several corporate giants, including Amgen, Google, Pfizer, Boston Pacific, Walmart, Leidos, AT&T and Facebook, are demanding Senator Hyde-Smith hand back donations they sent her before midterm elections.
• All of the organizations that donated to her during her campaign allege a drop in support from consumers and shareholders since their support for Hyde-Smith began to go viral.
• The donations in question range from as low as $2,000 to as high as $5,000. All have also made public statements against her, saying that the comments she made do not reflect their values. Pfizer even went as far as to write that, “We condemn racism and bigotry in all its forms.”
• Even President Trump has shared his respect for Hyde-Smith; posting his support for the senator in the upcoming run-offs on Sunday, November 18. “Respected by all. We need her in Washington! Thanks!”