Could Maxwell Get Bail?

Could Maxwell Get Bail?

( – Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in jail, awaiting her arraignment on charges that she groomed young girls for her business partner to sexually abuse. She’s set to go before the judge on Tuesday, July 14. But is she there to stay?

One former federal prosecutor told the press Maxwell might be awarded bail because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The fact that she didn’t flee the country following Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide could also work in her favor.

Epstein never stood a chance at bail, but Maxwell’s in a different position. It’s shocking, really, that she could actually get out of jail while awaiting trial.

After Maxwell’s arrest, prosecutors filed a detention memo saying she was an “extreme” flight risk. Maxwell has plenty of money to disappear, with several bank accounts holding hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each. She also has three passports and deep ties to European countries.

If it weren’t for the coronavirus, she’d likely be stuck in jail while awaiting her trial. But these are crazy times, so of course, she has a chance of being released.

Some prosecutors think Manhattan Federal Judge Alison Nathan will release Maxwell to home confinement. Others believe she’ll be remanded into custody.

Maxwell is facing 35 years in prison. She allegedly helped Epstein sexually abuse young girls then also lied about her crimes during a deposition where she was under oath.

Her attorneys are arguing for her release on a $5 million bond. They say she’ll turn over her passports and remain in New York until her trial or plea agreement. We’ll see on Tuesday what the judge says.

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