Court Orders Temporary Restraining Order Against US Airforce

Court Orders Temporary Restraining Order Against US Airforce

Court SIDES With U.S. Troops – A Major Ruling!

( – In 2021, President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the Armed Forces. Lawsuits from service members ensued. A judge recently ruled against the military in one of those suits.

On July 14, Judge Matthew W. McFarland, for the US District Court of the Southern District of Ohio, granted a motion by members of the Air Force to extend a March 31 temporary restraining order prohibiting the military branch from enforcing its mandate. The order only impacts airmen who filed for a religious accommodation as part of a class-action case. The judge is taking 14 days to decide whether to grant a preliminary injunction against the Air Force. If he does, then the restraining order will remain in place until the case makes its way through litigation.

For the impacted airmen, it means the military branch can’t dismiss them from service for refusing to get vaccinated.

Judge McFarland criticized the Air Force for not carefully considering the merits of each exemption request. Instead, the military branch summarily rejected them all. In his decision, he said the service members seeking the class-action suit all face a “violation of their constitutional freedom” by the Air Force’s “discrimination against religious accommodation requests.”

The Air Force refused to comment on the ruling.

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