COVID-19: Are Children’s Rights in Danger?

COVID-19: Are Children's Rights In Danger?

( – When COVID-19 struck, school districts across the country decided to switch to online learning. Officials were hoping to slow the spread of the virus. However, there were many unintended consequences as a result and many children have lost their right to a free education.

There were several issues that arose due to online schooling. Many students in low-income and rural neighborhoods struggled to get connected to the internet. In some areas, it was impossible and those children started to fall behind in school.

According to reports, school districts all over America are seeing kids failing more classes than usual. In some cases, the number of failing students is three times greater than before the pandemic. Teachers are reporting kids missing assignments because they do not have access to the internet. In one Oregon school, McNary High School, hundreds of kids had 0.0%.

At the same time, data indicates COVID spread at schools is relatively low. So, why are leaders still interfering in the education of America’s next generation?

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