COVID: Can You Get It Twice?

COVID: Can You Get It Twice?

( – Ever wondered why kids seem to get infected by every virus that gets near them, like chickenpox for example? That’s because human immune systems need to learn to fight them off in a process called “acquired immunity.” It’s also why childhood vaccinations work to prevent a disease from developing in the first place. However, this may not be the case with COVID-19.

“Recovered” May Not Equal “Cured”

Unless a person has been completely isolated from the world, like those who serve on the Navy’s nuclear submarines, they know about the novel coronavirus pandemic that has the world shut down. But even up here out of the ocean’s depths, people may not realize that “recovery” from the potentially deadly virus may not mean the battle is over.

Evidence is emerging that when someone is released from the hospital after a battle with COVID-19, symptoms could return. In Daegu, South Korea, 51 people who were told by medical personnel they’d tested negative for the presence of the virus ended up ill all over again. Current theories include:

  • A second infection after a new exposure
  • The virus went dormant and could not be detected
  • Faulty tests or false negatives

With over 420,000 people infected and over 14,000 deaths in the United States as of April 8, 2020, this new development is sure to ramp up anxieties across the country even more. At least one news outlet has quoted Chinese whistleblowers as saying that up to 10% of patients fall into this category.

China Goes Dark

The totalitarian Communist country has not been completely transparent regarding pandemic information even though it apparently started there. It doesn’t help their case that the doctor who first sounded the alarm has disappeared and other medical professionals who were on the front lines with him have no desire to join him.

According to the official tally coming out of Bejing, China seems to have overcome the virus with few, if any, newly reported infections and deaths. However, the rest of the world, including US intelligence agencies aren’t buying into the official Chinese propaganda campaign.

Their reluctance to tell the world about COVID-19 initially cost other countries precious time to gear up to fight the deadly virus. If they are now withholding information about their true recovery rates, it could lead other nations into a false sense of security that could lead to easing current restrictions too early.

One need only ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) about the havoc this sickness can wreak. People are locked-down in their homes with only a few stores still open, helpless to do anything but watch the death toll tick upwards and wonder when this will all be over. The harsh reality is that until scientists get a firm grip on how to defeat this organism, nobody knows.

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