COVID Cases Down Significantly, US Still at Risk

COVID Cases Down Significantly, US Still At Risk

( – The COVID-19 pandemic is approaching its two-year mark in the US, and unfortunately, it’s still a problem. Variants of the original virus have made it more difficult to contain than originally hoped. However, there’s some good news about the state of the pandemic that will be a relief to many Americans.

According to New York Times data as of October 14, the nationwide COVID-19 cases are coming in at about 86,000 each day. The number is a 22% drop over the last two weeks. The number of deaths has also been declining; they’re down 6% over the same period. The rate of deaths has always lagged behind the number of cases, so that number will likely decrease more over the coming weeks as well.

Some of the southern states dealing with high rates of hospitalizations and deaths, like Florida and Alabama, have seen significant improvements. The Sunshine State’s Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is one of the most anti-lockdown politicians in the country. He took a largely hands-off approach to the outbreak and is now seeing that pay off. Texas is seeing a similar decline.

Although many states have seen their numbers decline, the virus is still a significant problem in the West and upper Midwest. As winter approaches, that could turn into a greater concern. Right now, though, it seems the country is finally trending in the right direction.

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