COVID: Doctors Fight Hospital Staff Over This

COVID: Doctors Fight Hospital Staff Over This

( – There are many brave souls fighting the good fight in the war against COVID-19, but no group stands out more than those working in the medical field. Even as the deadly virus spreads, they work tirelessly to save lives, often placing their own health at risk.

Unfortunately, not everyone views the health risks of these heroes the same. Bickering and fighting consistently brews between healthcare providers and hospital staff.

Hospitals are seeing a rise in tensions over rules and regulations set by hospital staff in relation to the use of masks being worn outside of treatment rooms, coronavirus testing and isolation policies, work schedules, and much more.

Recently, an anesthesiologist at the University Medical Center in El Paso was removed from rotation without pay. The reason? Insubordination for wearing a mask outside of treatment rooms.

The doctor argued he has medical conditions and wants to safeguard from becoming infected.

Hospitals are following guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). They’re always changing due to the rapid spread of the virus. At the moment, CDC hospital guidelines say medical professionals are not required to wear protective gear all the time.

Since there’s a massive shortage of resources, the guideline stipulates homemade solutions like bandannas and scarves are acceptable to wear.

Some doctors feel they should wear gear at all times and argue that hospital staff are only trying to protect the hospital’s image so as not to appear like a germ-infected facility.

Unfortunately, as emotions continue to rise, so is the spread of COVID-19. The bottom line is none of this internal bickering between healthcare professionals and hospital administrators is doing anyone any good.

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