COVID Question Corners Biden

COVID Question Corners Biden

( – Everyone knows it’s a reporter’s job to ask the tough questions. But sometimes, the questions can go a bit too far. This was the case with NBC News anchor, Chuck Todd, who asked Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, a very disturbing question about President Trump.

The question was so disturbing and insensitive, even Joe Biden thought it went too far. 

Throughout the daily coronavirus press briefs, President Trump and some members of his administration have attacked the media for what they consider to be dishonest reporting. And, while the media may not agree with him, he may have a point. 

Just recently, CBS News was caught using footage of a hospital in Italy to report a story on the dire situation in New York. Needless to say, it didn’t look good and only supported the President’s argument.

The people rely on the media to accurately report stories to keep American people informed. When the presumed Democratic presidential nominee is calling out a news anchor for attacking President Trump, you know it’s gone too far. 

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